2013 18 Jul
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Facebook contest: fake users problem solution

Written by Željana Boban

Everyone who organized a get votes/win prizes Facebook contest at least once, must have had “troubles” with users who wanted to get the prizes no matter what. Users created fake Facebook profiles, created so called “voting groups“, and joined many of them just in order to gain as many votes as possible and win prizes.

Ofcourse, those who wanted to participate in the contest regularly, were demotivated on the way because of un-fair players, and possibly have left the contest. This matter is every community manager`s night mare and is a topic of many social media discussions. Everyone is looking for a solution to this problem, and we have found it!


Challenge: How to prevent non-fair players from participating in the contest

Our clients know how important contests are and what benefits can you get from organizing one so let`s repeat them:

  • Promote your brand
  • Create great viral effect
  • Engage your community
  • Increase user database by geting user emails
  • Track your results
  • Organize your contest in accordance with Facebook promotion guidelines

When knowing contests are good for their brand, community managers want to organize them, but ofcourse they want to make sure their brand won`t be jeopardized by non-fair players participating. Therefore, we have decided to create a solution to this problem and end community manager`s night mares.

What we`ve come up with?

We have created a tool that tracks every user in the contest, and makes sure he gets his votes “legally”, and if not, disqualifies him from the contest.

We track:

  • users IP`s
  • number of votes gained in specified time period
  • countries from which voters come from


It is unlikely that one person can get enormous number of votes in a short period of time, and to say more, from the same IP adress. It is an obvious indicator that the person is using fake profiles to gain votes, or is a member of different voting groups.

Our tool scans all the users and disqualifies those who are suspicious by the mentioned criteria.

Ofcourse, when presenting results to clients we make sure that none of the “fake emails” is included in user database we deliver to our client, and that they get what they payed for – new users who tend to become their loyal customers, and their contacts. That way we get satisfied clients who have completed ther goals defined on the beginning of the contest, and are willing to organize more of them and engage their community.

Cool, isn`t it? Community managers, now you can relax and enjoy organizing contests more than ever!

Contact us and start one now!

About Željana Boban

I am working as project manager in Akcija Ltd.,one of the biggest Croatian social media agencies. Love social media, internet marketing and specially its implementation in tourism. "Don't aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally."